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About Us

Streetfunk is a multi-award-winning street dance school providing dance classes to everyone ranging from 4 yrs to 18yrs across Sussex.

Although Hip Hop dance is at the forefront of Streetfunk’s activities, what is most important to JP Omari, our founder, are the qualities that make someone not only a good dancer but also a decent, respectable and confident person which are: HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE and RESPECT.

In our classes, children learn the importance of these qualities alongside the ability to EXPRESS THEMSELVES FREELY and HAVE FUN through dance.

JP Omari

Streetfunk founder JP Omari is a multi-award winning Hip Hop dancer, teacher, coach and choreographer who has worked hard and extensively to become THE leading Hip Hop dance figure in Brighton & Hove. He has performed, taught and judged competitions around the world and is widely respected in the UK dance scene.

JP became the UK’s first bboy (breakdancer) to take part in a reality TV dance show when he took part in the BBC’s Strictly Dance Fever in 2006 reaching the semi-finals with his dance partner, Stacey Gaunt. Since then, he has worked with chart topping artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Sean Paul and Orbital. He is a founding member of the Floor Crusaders bboy crew and the Urban Playground Team who combine Parkour with dance in site-specific street performances. He is also a member of Urban Strides - UK’s streetdance specialists and SickStep - a famous Los Angeles based hip hop dance crew.

He is the founder of Streetfunk - the South Coast’s biggest and most successful Hip Hop dance school based in Brighton. Established in 2006, the core values of hard work, discipline, respect and having fun lie at the heart of Streetfunk where hundreds of kids and adults of all ages are taught to street dance. JP is also a multi-accredited choreographer coaching talented children in a number of Streetfunk competition crews to win South Coast, South East, Southern, UK, European and World street dance championship titles.

JP has also created a fitness brand called FunkFit. FunkFit is a dance fitness class to funk, soul, Motown, groove and disco classics. The emphasis is on dancing (no choreography) and having fun where you will naturally get fit, sweat and work out. JP aims on making FunkFit the new global dance fitness phenomenon with classes happening all over the UK already!

JP knows no boundary and is intent on spreading his love and passion to dance and music worldwide.

Our Patron

“Streetfunk does an amazing job working with young people from all different backgrounds and showing them how music and dance can have such a positive effect on their lives. It allows them to express themselves and feel free and energised through art. It helps to give them motivation, direction, and purpose. It’s such an amazingly talented school with an infectious energy from talented choreographers and I’m so proud to be a patron!”

- Tony Mortimer from East 17

Our Clients

Streetfunk works with well established professional companies to collaborate and provide dance, energy and fun across the UK. Below is just a small sample of the huge number of companies, big and small, that we have worked with.  If you would like to collaborate with us, contact us today!