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Our classes are fun and energetic, led by professional and enthusiastic teachers who are passionate about street dance and Hip Hop. Your children will learn to dance and become confident doing authentic cool moves with proper street dance techniques!

You can book a trial by using our weekly class schedule below to find the best classes in your area to suit your child’s level.

Streetfunk operates a fun grading system to help your child progress at the best individual pace for them.

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Immerse your child in our fun and friendly street dance classes where an exhilarating journey awaits! Our passionate instructors provide a vibrant atmosphere catering to all levels of experience. In our classes, we explore the dynamic world of street dance, embracing the different styles such as Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping and Locking. With a focus on technique, musicality, and freestyle expression, our classes offer high-energy choreography and infectious beats that challenge children to become the best they can be!